Corporate Editorials

Middle East report: Conclusion

There remain serious challenges for any company seeking to do business in the Middle East, but the readiness to overcome these challenges and to find middle ground, to adopt internationally agreed trading practices and legislative norms, is unrecognisable from previous generations.

Get mobile

Being 'always on' can be exhausting and demoralising: there's no place to escape from work; your worries just follow you to bed. So don't forget - there is an off button.

How to talk to kids

Children realise at a young age when adults are hiding things from them. They need to trust you to be open with them.

Media-controlled games

In this image-controlled version of ping pong, the ball changes colour each time it hits a bat. Then you - the opponent - have to point the camera on your phone to a certain colour, for example the sky, to make your bat blue, or grass to make it green.