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Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection in Mexico

Geothermal power is a highly reliable source of clean, renewable power.  This is a feature that utilities such as CFE, looking to increase their share of renewables in the energy mix while maintaining secure supply, already find attractive.  Despite the relatively high installation costs for a direct-cycle geothermal power plant such as Los Humeros in Mexico, the high capacity factor in operation results in a cost of electricity in the region of US$58 to US$93/MWh, even when taking into account the cost of drilling the wells and building the steam collection system.

Excerpt from autobiography of Dinesh Dhamija, entrepreneur and investor

Excerpt from autobiography of Dinesh Dhamija, entrepreneur and investor

Investment Strategy

Did you know that the sun delivers more energy to the earth in one hour than humanity requires over the course of a whole year? Or that in the Middle East, using fossil fuels to generate electricity costs fifty times more than solar energy? Fifty times more! These are the kind of statistics that make my investment antenna start bleeping.

Zero emission homes, published in The Daily Telegraph

The WWF's Paul King said: "This is a great breakthrough. For the first time Gordon Brown has shown he really backs green housing development," whereas Dr Jason Palmer of Cambridge University described the scheme as 'pie in the sky'.

Turning waste into energy, published in The Times

Mike Hession cites the example of Denmark, where 32 per cent of household waste is recycled, providing heat for 360,000 households and electricity for 430,000 households, through combined heat and power facilities.

Travel and the environment, published in Star Alliance

Aircraft should spend less time taxiing along runways, they should install motors in their wheels to avoid using jet engines to taxi; aircraft should fly at higher, less fuel thirsty, altitudes, should ascend more steeply and possible glide down to land (a rather frightening thought).

Blowing in the wind, published in The Daily Telegraph

"A few years ago, the Europeans were focused on the Kyoto agreement, the US was not interested in alternative sources of energy and China was just looking for more traditional forms of energy," says Peter Kruse. "Now, for the first time in history, wind energy is working in all the major markets in the world."

Biomass blossoms, published in The Daily Telegraph

The UK government will shortly bring out an Energy White Paper entitled 'the UK Biomass Strategy', which will recategorise 'digestate' (food waste) as a product rather than as waste. As in many areas of waste management, we can now begin to treat old prawn sandwiches as an asset rather than a liability.