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Property hotspots for 2010

By David Nicholson | Published on

Major new rail lines, regeneration projects like the 2012 Olympics, towns and city districts with excellent state schools, up and coming coastal towns... these are some of the headline factors for the shrewd property investor in 2010.

Animal house: when pets and property collide

Published on

Animal support organisations reckon that in 2008 there were around 18 million pet-owning households in the UK, containing 27 million animals - more than half the total population.

Of these, 5.7 million households have dogs, while 4.8 million have cats. After this, the figures are much lower for rabbits, indoor birds, hamsters, gerbils etc. Yet there are an estimated 100,000 households in the UK with snakes as pets!

The future of the high street, The New Statesman magazine

It's under assault from multiple threats: out of town malls, online shopping, rising rates, parking restrictions and congestion charges, a consumer slowdown... You start to wonder whether the British high street is on its last legs.

Olympic year boosts Beijing, published in Global Property News

China's capital Beijing is in a state of high excitement as it prepares to welcome more than 4 million visitors to the first Olympic Games in the country's history. Yet in the eight years since the games were awarded to the city, China has transformed itself in ways that were unimaginable back then.

Space to let your imagination roam, published in Halifax Building Society magazine

Several scenes from Macbeth take place here. One of the rooms is still called Duncan's Hall; a secret chamber inside the crypt walls is said to be where the 4th Earl of Crawford played cards with the Devil on a Sunday, then was sealed up inside as a punishment. Lady Jane Douglas, widow of Lord Glamis, was burnt by James V for witchcraft in 1537 and haunts the castle as the 'Grey Lady of Glamis'. And the ghost of an African boy sits on a stone seat in the hall.

Country house bargains, published on

With prices in the UK property market down around 20 per cent over the past year, this could be an ideal time to seek out bargains. City banking bonuses have dried up (and many people have already lost their jobs), so the opportunities for shrewd and cashed-up investors are multiplying.

Profile of Luba Tvetskova, published in European Business magazine

"Most women," says Luba Tvetskova through her translator, "are unpredictable and furious. I much prefer to work with men."